Service & ICT Unit

The ICT Unit is charged with the responsibilities of deploying ICT infrastructure and services for administration, teaching, research, learning to the Polytechnic and to the community at large.
Prominent among the duties and schedules of the ICT Unit are the following:
Attending to Computerization of Management Information System comprising of Staff, Students and financial/Audit information system.
Design, Provision and sustainability of Internet access to the polytechnic Community.




The existing website which is being hosted at ICTP in Canada is maintained and updated by the ICT Unit on daily basis. While this maintenance is going on, Crown Polytechnic is in the process of re-engineering the existing site to a world-class standard by designing and developing a new one which will compete with Websites of developed world. Crown Polytechnic ICT Unit still has a great role to play in making this plan a reality.


The courses available for 2015/16

National Diploma programmes are:-
1.Electrical/Electronics Engineering 2.Computer Science 3.Computer Engineering 4.Statistics 5.Estate Management 6.Accountancy 7.Business Administration & Management 8.Science Laboratory Technology 9.Fishery Technology 10. Public Administration 11. Quantity Survey 12. Urban & Regional Planning
Higher National Diploma programmes are:
1. Business Administration & Management 2.Electrical/Electronics Engineering 3.Computer Science 4.Statistics 5.Estate Management 6.Accountancy

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